Boutique des Îles - Métro Jean Drapeau


Our family had a dream, we were just fans with a few dollars, an idea and passion up our sleeves. We created an F1™ merchandise "Mother Ship" Pop-Up Kiosk (inside a Convenience Store) inside the Metro/Subway Jean Drapeau leading up to the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Served over 2,000,000 patrons since 1994. Now we’re here! Wow! What a journey I was only 19 years of age...

Bernie Ecclestone


Former F1™ CEO Bernie Ecclestone visits FANABOX®. Love him or hate, we were not friends but did respect each other business acumen.
As an avid F1 fan, I admired Bernie Ecclestone's genius in shaping the sport, turning it into a global spectacle. His business prowess opened doors for my passion, allowing me to build a retail store in Montreal dedicated to the racing world I loved. Yet, Ecclestone's old-school mentality sometimes irked me, especially his reluctance to embrace social media's dynamic reach which Liberty Media capitalized on. Despite our differences, his vision paved the way for my three-decade-long venture, intertwining my love for Formula One™ with a thriving business. Ecclestone's legacy, a blend of respect and frustration, remains a driving force behind the success of my store and yes, I still do miss those V12 screeching sounds.

GP Festival


Exclusive dealer for officially licensed F1® team and driver merchandise during Crescent Street GRAND PRIX™ Festival.
Experience the heart-pounding thrill of The Crescent GP Festival in Montreal, a must-visit for F1™ enthusiasts! This action-packed weekend transforms the city into a racing haven, offering a unique blend of culture and speed. As fervent fans, we've been the preferred Team & Driver F1™ merchandise vendor on the vibrant downtown festival street for years. Now, dive into our world year-round at our picturesque Old Montreal store. Immerse yourself in the world of FANABOX™ and relive the excitement beyond the festival. Discover the evolution of our brand passion (which was formally known as F1™ Boutique Canada) and join us in celebrating the spirit of F1™ in the charming streets of Old Montreal. Don't miss the chance to make your Canadian Grand Prix experience truly unforgettable!

The Boutique


Racing passion becomes a reality


Sportsnet City TV: Panel of Discussion with FANABOX™ Director: The Future of FORMULA 1™ in Canada.



FANABOX™ celebrates the CANADIAN GRAND PRIX™ race


Breakfast TV: FANABOX™ kicks off GRAND PRIX DU CANADA™ festivitieS.

Interview with FANABOX™  manager regarding fan activations for GRAND DU CANADA PRIX™ race-related events.

FANABOX™ Has All You Need


A mainstay since 1994, FANABOX™ formerly knows as F1 Boutique has been offering official F1™ team and driver merchandise – from leading brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Lotus, Aston Martin, AMG among others – for 26 years, now.

Lewis Hamilton 


Meet & Greet F1™ World Champion Lewis Hamilton

Brendon Hartley


In store Meet & Greet with F1™ driver: Brendon Hartley



We're officially launching a new brand identity for the family business company: FANABOX™


The No.1 Boutique for F1®.
Our Story:
Our new name comes with a new identity:. F1 Boutique is now re-embodied into FANABOX™.
The name was born out of our first souvenir shops in the 70's, where we traded from kiosks which resembled a: "BOX".Also giving anod to theF1™cars and they pit into the garage orBOX! BOX! BOX!Same family business that you love! and of course, abiding toGod's almighty precepts, by respecting our customers with the utmost consideration.
That's a promise! Max, Silvia, Fortuna, Annie and Denisse.

The 2021 Post COVID-19 Comeback


Owners talk about the loss of the 2020 F1® Canadian Grand Prix